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Main Deck - 56 cards, 25 distinct
Name  Race Type Cost Edition
Unit (23)
3 Chameleon Stalker Neutral Unit 1 Hidden Kingdoms
2 Corb Polyborg Neutral Unit 2 Hidden Kingdoms
1 Frenzied Carnosaur Neutral Unit 4 Hidden Kingdoms
2 Grail Knight Neutral Unit 4 Bleeding Sun
1 Mage-Priest of Itza Neutral Unit 3 Vessel of the Winds
3 Peasant Militia Empire Unit 0 + Core Set
3 Skinks of Sotek Neutral Unit 2 March of the Damned
3 Spawn of Itzl Neutral Unit 3 March of the Damned
2 Spawn of Sotek Neutral Unit 3 Hidden Kingdoms
3 Stealthy Skink Neutral Unit 2 Oaths of Vengeance
Legend (3)
3 Scar-Leader Kroq-Gar Neutral Legend 4 Hidden Kingdoms
Tactic (13)
3 Arcane Power Neutral Tactic 1 The Accursed Dead
1 Born Predators Neutral Tactic 2 March of the Damned
3 Innovation Neutral Tactic 0 Core Set
3 Innovation Neutral Tactic 0 Assault on Ulthuan
2 Iron Discipline Empire Tactic 0 + Tooth and Claw
1 Ruination of Cities Neutral Tactic 6 Hidden Kingdoms
Quest (1)
1 Heroic Task Neutral Quest 0 Rising Dawn
Support (16)
3 Blood Shrine of Sotek Neutral Support 2 March of the Damned
3 Contested Village Neutral Support 1 Core Set
1 Dawnstar Sword Neutral Support 4 Rising Dawn
2 Descendant of Gods Neutral Support 3 Fragments of Power
3 Remote Monastery Neutral Support 3 Cataclysm
1 Shield of Aeons Neutral Support 4 Shield of the Gods
3 Trinkets of Gold Neutral Support 1 Shield of the Gods
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

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  • john farahmand (28-Oct-2018 22:15)

    Is this correct ? 

    You are only allowed 3 copies of same card. Innovation here has 6 copies which means it would be illegal to have more than 3 copies.

    • Sergio Menna (07-Nov-2018 14:40)

      you are correct. however, there's a bug in deckbox.org that puts both versions of Innovation  (from the Core Set and from Assault on Ulthuan) when you try to put any one version. So, if you try to add to your deck, say, 2 copies of Innovation, the site will add 2 copies of both versions.