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Main Deck - 50 cards, 20 distinct
Name  Race Type Cost Edition
Unit (25)
3 Chosen of Anath Raema Dark Elf Unit 2 + Karaz a Karak
3 Hag Graef Knights Dark Elf Unit 2 + Oaths of Vengeance
2 Lokhir Fellheart Dark Elf Unit 5 + Assault on Ulthuan
3 Morathi's Pegasus Dark Elf Unit 3 + The Skavenblight Threat
2 Mortella Dark Elf Unit 3 + Assault on Ulthuan
3 Seasoned Corsair Dark Elf Unit 3 + March of the Damned
3 Toxic Hydra Dark Elf Unit 5 + The Eclipse of Hope
3 Vile Sorceress Dark Elf Unit 2 + Core Set
3 Walking Sacrifice Dark Elf Unit 0 + Assault on Ulthuan
Legend (2)
2 Malekith Dark Elf Legend 6 + Legends
Tactic (11)
3 Call of the Kraken Dark Elf Tactic 0 + City of Winter
2 Countermoves Dark Elf Tactic 2 + The Iron Rock
3 Raise Dead Neutral Tactic 4 March of the Damned
3 Sacrifice to Khaine Dark Elf Tactic 2 + Chaos Moon
Quest (3)
1 Heroic Task Neutral Quest 0 Rising Dawn
2 Offering to Hekarti Dark Elf Quest 0 + The Fourth Waystone
Support (9)
3 Council of Thirteen Neutral Support 2 Portent of Doom
2 Court of the Witch King Dark Elf Support 4 + City of Winter
3 Slave Pen Dark Elf Support 2 + March of the Damned
1 The Liber Mortis Neutral Support 4 The Accursed Dead
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

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  • donadam (Edited 17-Apr-2021 10:41)

    Heroic task with Liber mortos allows some reduction on cards getting them more consistently.... 

    Mortella and vile sorceress are awesome control

     Court of witch kind. Malekith and lokir u can use with call the kraken do unexpected unit drops.. 

    Morathi's Pegasus it's your main de fence against indirect damage and a very solid unit hard to kill 

  • donadam (17-Apr-2021 10:37)

    Dont alow enemy units on table... Try to start by having a sacrifice to Kaine or some other way to wipe opponents units from turn 1 and build your capital over the dead bodies