Type: Deck Idea
Format: othOther
All cards legal 👍
Approx. Value:

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Avg. CMC 3.5
Card Color Breakdown
Card Type Breakdown

Main Deck - 40 cards, 5 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Instant (19)
19 Dark Ritual
$0.99 Instant
Sorcery (14)
4 Peer into the Abyss
$2.20 Sorcery
7 Sign in Blood
$0.69 Sorcery
3 Tendrils of Agony
$0.54 Sorcery
Land (7)
7 Snow-Covered Swamp
$1.03 Basic Snow Land - Swamp
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(
Scratchpad - 0 cards, 0 distinct
Cards in the scratchpad represent cards that you are considering for this deck, but are not actually in the built deck. They do not count towards the in built decks count shown in your inventory. If you are using the Auto Trade feature, they will be still be marked for trade although cards in your main deck and sideboard will not.
No cards here. :(

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