This deck is incomplete. It is not listed in the decks section and does not count towards the total decks count. A complete WoW deck contains between 61 and 70 cards, and includes a hero card.

Main Deck - 0 cards, 0 distinct
There are no cards in this set. (yet) ;)
Sideboard - 16 cards, 8 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (2)
1 Jonas White Hero - Undead Rogue   Servants of The Betrayer
1 Zimzi the Trickster Hero - Goblin Rogue   War of the Elements
Ability (14)
3 Diversion Ability - Subtlety   Servants of The Betrayer
2 Head Trauma Ability - Assassination   March of The Legion
4 Hidden Weaponry Ability - Combat Combo   Fields of Honor
1 Hide and Stab Ability - Subtlety Combo   March of The Legion
3 Lead Astray Ability - Subtlety Combo   Fields of Honor
1 On the Brink Ability - Assassination Combo   March of The Legion

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