This deck is incomplete. It is not listed in the decks section and does not count towards the total decks count. A complete WoW deck contains between 61 and 70 cards, and includes a hero card.

Main Deck - 73 cards, 39 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Arturius Hathrow Hero - Worgen Druid   Worldbreaker
Weapon (1)
1 The Essence Focuser Weapon - Mace      March of The Legion
Armor (4)
1 Footwraps of Vile Deceit Armor - Leather    Naxxramas
1 Pads of the Dread Wolf Armor - Leather    Through the Dark Portal
2 Shoulderpads of Fleshwerks Armor - Leather    Scourgewar
Item (1)
1 Band of the Inevitable Item     Hunt for Illidan
Ally (20)
3 Alister Cooper Ally - Worgen Mage Worldbreaker
2 Bella Wilder Ally - Worgen Druid Worldbreaker
2 Fenton Guardmont Ally - Worgen Warrior Worldbreaker
2 Garet Vice Ally - Worgen Rogue Worldbreaker
1 Jarrod Gravon Ally - Worgen Death Knight Worldbreaker
1 King Genn Greymane Ally - Worgen Warrior King Worldbreaker
2 Loriam Argos Ally - Worgen Rogue Worldbreaker
2 Marcus Dominar Ally - Worgen Warrior Worldbreaker
3 Marius Jator Ally - Worgen Hunter Worldbreaker
2 Savis Cindur Ally - Worgen Warlock Worldbreaker
Ability (22)
1 Cat Form Instant Ability - Feral   Through the Dark Portal
4 Faerie Fire Instant Ability - Balance   Worldbreaker
1 Gale Winds Ability - Balance Talent   Icecrown
1 Inner Rage Ability - Feral Fury    Icecrown
1 Mark of the Untamed Instant Ability - Restoration   Worldbreaker
1 Nature's Majesty Instant Ability - Balance   Through the Dark Portal
3 Rake Instant Ability - Feral Combo   Through the Dark Portal
1 Rejuvenation Instant Ability - Restoration   Worldbreaker
3 Shred Instant Ability - Feral Combo   March of The Legion
2 Strangling Roots Ability - Balance   March of The Legion
1 Sunfire Ability - Balance   Onyxia
3 Viciousness Ability Worldbreaker
Quest (24)
1 Demonic Contamination Quest March of The Legion
5 Journey to Astranaar Quest Class Starter
1 Kibler's Exotic Pets Quest Heroes of Azeroth
3 Leader of the Pack Quest Worldbreaker
3 Locked Away Quest Worldbreaker
1 Retribution of the Light Quest March of The Legion
3 The Boon of Remulos Quest Icecrown
3 The Key to Freedom Quest Worldbreaker
2 The Princess Trapped Quest Heroes of Azeroth
1 The Secret Compromised Quest Hunt for Illidan
1 Uncatalogued Species Quest Blood of Gladiators
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

Illegal 5 of a quest
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