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Name  Type Classes Edition
1 "Acid Hands" McGillicutty Ally - Undead Rogue March of The Legion
2 "Backstab" Bindo Gearbomb Arena Ally - Goblin Battlemaster Fields of Honor
4 "Cookie" McWeaksauce Ally - Human Cook March of The Legion
1 "Eyeball" Jones Ally - Undead Rogue Hunt for Illidan
4 "He Who Has No Life" Ally - Human Warrior Fires of Outland
3 "Poison Tongue" McGillicutty Ally - Undead Priest March of The Legion
1 A Break in the Action Ability Fires of Outland
1 A Flawless Advance Ability - Fury   Blood of Gladiators
2 A Warm Welcome Quest Servants of The Betrayer
2 Abacus of Violent Odds Item        Fires of Outland
1 Abracadaver Two - Handed Weapon - Staff      Worldbreaker
1 Acolyte Demia Ally - Human Warlock Heroes of Azeroth
2 Adept Breton Ally - Human Mage Heroes of Azeroth
3 Adyen the Lightwarden Ally - Draenei Paladin March of The Legion
4 Aegis of the Blood God Armor - Shield     Through the Dark Portal
4 Aesadonna Al'mere Ally - Blood Elf Rogue Servants of The Betrayer
3 Aftermath Instant Ability - Destruction Talent   Hunt for Illidan
2 Aileen the Thunderblessed Ally - Dwarf Shaman Worldbreaker
2 Aimed Shot Ability - Marksmanship Talent   Heroes of Azeroth
3 Akama Ally - Broken Elder Sage Hunt for Illidan
1 Alas, Andorhal Quest Through the Dark Portal
2 Alexi Barov Ally - Undead Rogue Drums of War
1 Alexstrasza the Life-Binder Master Hero - Red Dragonkin Aspect Worldbreaker
2 Ambassador Jerrikar Ally - Satyr Demon Hunt for Illidan
2 Ambush Instant Ability - Assassination Combo   Through the Dark Portal
3 Anchorite Ceyla Ally - Draenei Priest Hunt for Illidan
3 Anchorite Jaliah Ally - Draenei Priest March of The Legion
3 Anchorite Karja Ally - Draenei Priest Servants of The Betrayer
3 Anders Blankheart Ally - Human Warlock March of The Legion
1 Andiss Butcherson Ally - Human Warrior Fires of Outland
915 total results       Page 1 of 31 Next Last