Main Deck - 61 cards, 17 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Rohashu, Zealot of the Sun Hero - Tauren Paladin   Throne of the Tides
Weapon (3)
3 Axe of Cenarius Two - Handed Weapon - Axe     War of the Ancients
Ally (37)
3 Alethia Brightsong Ally - Blood Elf Paladin Throne of the Tides
4 Baby Murloc Monster Ally - Murloc Baby Crown of the Heavens
4 Bhenn Checks-the-Sky Instant Ally - Tauren Druid Through the Dark Portal
4 Bloodsoul Ally - Orc Warlock March of The Legion
4 Faceless Sapper Monster Ally - Faceless One Priest Throne of the Tides
4 Jadefire Scout Monster Ally - Satyr Demon Hunter Crown of the Heavens
2 Lordann the Bloodreaver Ally - Blood Elf Warrior Throne of the Tides
4 Orc Grunt Ally - Orc Warrior Betrayal of the Guardian
4 Takara, Timewalker Warlord Ally - Orc Warrior War of the Ancients
4 Tauren Tracker Ally - Tauren Hunter Betrayal of the Guardian
Ability (12)
4 Blood and Thunder! Basic Ability War of the Ancients
4 Grand Crusader Ability - Protection   Throne of the Tides
4 Hammer of Justice Instant Ability - Protection   Heroes of Azeroth
Quest (4)
4 Seeds of Their Demise Quest Throne of the Tides
Location (4)
4 Blackrock Spire Location Betrayal of the Guardian
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

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