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Name  Type Classes Edition
1 "Acid Hands" McGillicutty Ally - Undead Rogue March of The Legion
4 "Batter Brains" McGillicutty Ally - Undead Rogue Drums of War Starter
3 "Bladehands" Spigotgulp Ally - Gnome Rogue Fields of Honor
3 "Chillhands" Spigotgulp Ally - Gnome Mage Blood of Gladiators
3 "Chipper" Ironbane Ally - Dwarf Warrior Through the Dark Portal
2 "Cracklehands" Spigotgulp Ally - Gnome Warlock Blood of Gladiators
3 "Deathgrip" Jones Ally - Undead Warrior Hunt for Illidan
2 "Eyeball" Jones Ally - Undead Rogue Hunt for Illidan
1 "Poison Tongue" McGillicutty Ally - Undead Priest March of The Legion
3 "Scrapper" Ironbane Ally - Dwarf Rogue Hunt for Illidan
3 "The Painsaw" Ally - Orc Warrior Hunt for Illidan
4 A Donation of Silk Quest Through the Dark Portal
9 A Donation of Wool Quest Heroes of Azeroth
5 A Final Sacrifice Instant Ability - Fury   Blood of Gladiators
2 A Hero's Burden Quest Icecrown
7 A New Plague Quest Through the Dark Portal
1 A Proper String Quest Icecrown
4 A Question of Gluttony Quest Blood of Gladiators
4 A Rare Bean Quest Drums of War
1 A Voice in the Dark Quest Scourgewar
1 Abbie Whizzleblade Ally - Gnome Rogue Twilight of the Dragons
1 Abomination Knuckles Weapon - Fist    Worldbreaker
1 Absorb Magic Instant Ability - Discipline   March of The Legion
3 Acolyte Demia Ally - Human Warlock Heroes of Azeroth
1 Acolyte Kemistra Ally - Human Warlock Hunt for Illidan
1 Addisyn the Untouchable Hero - Blood Elf Paladin   Fields of Honor
1 Adept Breton Ally - Human Mage Heroes of Azeroth
1 Aessina's Miracle Quest War of the Elements
3 Against the Illidari Quest Hunt for Illidan
2 Against the Legion Quest March of The Legion
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