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Main Deck - 61 cards, 19 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Bloodtusk Hero - Troll Priest   Servants of The Betrayer
Weapon (3)
3 The Essence Focuser Weapon - Mace      March of The Legion
Ally (28)
4 Blood Knight Kyria Ally - Blood Elf Paladin Hunt for Illidan
3 Farander Shadesurge Ally - Blood Elf Priest Scourgewar
3 Grovemender Ash'lon Ally - Tauren Druid Scourgewar
4 Huzrula Ally - Orc Shaman Scourgewar
4 Jaroth Lighguard Ally - Blood Elf Paladin Scourgewar
4 Mojo Mistress Zurania Ally - Troll Priest Scourgewar
2 Sister of Pleasure Ally - Demon Traitor Black Temple Raid
4 Sullivan Holmes Ally - Undead Priest Wrathgate
Ability (17)
4 Eclipse Instant Ability - Traitor   Servants of The Betrayer
2 Heartening Arrival Ability - Holy   March of The Legion
4 Power Word: Courage Arena Ability - Discipline   Arena Grand Melee
4 Power Word: Faith Instant Ability - Discipline   Wrathgate
3 Prayer of Fortitude Ability - Discipline   March of The Legion
Quest (12)
4 Apply This Twice a Day Quest Wrathgate
3 Demonic Contamination Quest March of The Legion
2 The Ichor of Undeath, Priest Quest Wrathgate
3 Torek's Assault Quest Heroes of Azeroth
Sideboard - 10 cards, 3 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Ability (10)
3 Mist of Corrosion Ability - Shadow   Fields of Honor
4 Spiritual Domination Ability - Traitor   Servants of The Betrayer
3 Sublimate Ability - Shadow   Drums of War

This deck originally had more abilities, so Kyria may not make the cut, or at least not 4x.  I'm still deciding.
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