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Back after a trading hiatus! Tradelist is now up to date.

If you want cards from me and don't have anything on my wishlist, feel free to start a trade anyway! I am always building EDH decks and completing sets/global sets, so you might have cards I'm interested in. Right now I'm most focused on finishing my set of Unlimited, so my wishlist has some cards I would like to acquire for that.

I have a lot more cards and MTG things that are not on my tradelist if you have certain SP/NM Unlimited P9 or duals or things like JPN 9ED foil Fellwar Stone for trade. Namely, I have sealed boxes of Urza's Saga, Mirage, Visions, Exodus, Guildpact, Eventide, Conflux, and plenty more. I also have an HP Unlimited Timetwister and a very HP Unlimited Volcanic Island that I'd be open to trading if part of a trade for certain cards for my set. I also have English foils of the JPN foils on my wishlist, which are not in my tradelist.
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