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Cody Weston (10112244005895854)
United States - Maryland - Baltimore
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02-Mar-2020 02:18
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I mostly play standard and EDH, and will probably consider a trade for interesting cards for either format. Happy to ship first since I don't have much of a track record on here. I can be found at /u/damascus1286 on reddit's miniswap where I have some karma from completed trades there.

I prefer to trade for cards on my wishlist but don't let that stop you. If you propose a trade that's roughly equal in value I'll likely be happy with it, and I'm open to smaller trades as long as the value is at least a few dollars.

Another note: I'm more of a player than a collector so I'm unlikely to have a preference between printings, I'm also open to cards of most any condition as long as they fit in a sleeve and you can see the artwork.
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Nexus of Fate
1 $15.00Add to Cart
Rankle, Master of Pranks
1 $12.50Add to Cart
Borborygmos Enraged
1 $11.75Add to Cart
Snow-Covered Forest
1 $9.77Add to Cart
Ball Lightning
1 $8.50Add to Cart
Legion Warboss
1 $8.08Add to Cart
Warren Instigator
1 $6.74Add to Cart
Goblin Chainwhirler
1 $6.11Add to Cart
1 $6.00Add to Cart
Tree of Perdition
1 $6.00Add to Cart
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