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Sandra~ (10159797927815484)
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Canada - British Columbia - Victoria
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Canada, United States
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Greetings magical people!

I've been a player and collector of MTG for over 24 years.

I am letting my love for magic carry over to you!

I am selling tons of lovely cardboard in NM condition (unless stated otherwise). if interested in bulk or want to make a deal just message me. pictures of cards may be requested, shipping is set by deckbox standard, I suggest shipping with tracking and insurance. to insure your cards get the best treatment!

***And for orders over $150 free shipping with tracking!***

I have multiple reference via facebook MTG groups/marketplace if you wish to get a list please message me.

**Please note** I am only selling at this time and not excepting trades. thank you for the offers! this may change in the future so stay tuned!
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Howling Mine
1 $280.42Add to Cart
Mox Opal
1 $118.24Add to Cart
Leyline of the Void
1 $117.19Add to Cart
Recruiter of the Guard
1 $111.13Add to Cart
Inkmoth Nexus
1 $67.63Add to Cart
Phyrexian Arena
1 $48.53Add to Cart
1 $48.20Add to Cart
1 $41.39Add to Cart
Grave Pact
1 $39.83Add to Cart
Gideon Jura
1 $30.34Add to Cart
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