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A little bit about me: I'm a full time student in graduate school. While this is very exciting, it is also incredibly time consuming and it makes timely shipping more difficult than I expected. If you need your parcel sent immediately, please let me know and I can get it out. If I have not been online for more than 3 days, use the email function to get my attention.

If you have more trades than I do, I will send first. If you have 20 less, I expect you to send first.

For trades ~$25, I do not generally track. For more than that, I will.

I am notoriously bad at upgrading the condition of the cards I have for trade. I am working on it, but in the mean time: Most of them will be NM, but others will be LP. If you ask, I will double check and send you photos beforehand.

At the moment, you may see many old standard cards on my list. They are low priority; I'm just picking them up as throw-in's. Please don't ask me to trade modern cards for a pile of these unless you're throwing in +40%.

PLEASE SAY SOMETHING WHEN YOU OPEN A TRADE WITH ME. If you're curious why I may have cancelled a transaction without saying anything, this is likely the reason. If you don't say something, even as small as "Hi" it means you haven't read this section.

Thank you for taking a look!
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