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Dan Hozias (1325651530824162)
New Zealand - Canterbury - Christchurch
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I'm an on/off long-time casual player since...Onslaught? Wow, been a while. Just looking to trade-off or sell some of the fluff that's been accumulating in my trades folder and EDH sideboards. I also like to collect slivers and related cards (e.g. sliversmith) so if you have any, even bulk commons, I'll be interested in trading for them even if they're not on my wishlist.

And just a quick rundown of the way I've graded my card conditions:

Mint: Straight from packet to folder, or UltraPro matte card-sleeve if it's a card I opened in sealed play. No white specks on the corner and card is perfectly flat. Foil cards might have the slight bow they naturally get in a folder, but nothing more that would naturally occur from siting on a desk for 5 minutes after being opened.

Near-Mint: Same as above, however card might have a (very) few micro-specks on the edges or millimeter bow edge to edge. Foil's might have a slightly bigger bow than Mint condition.

Good to Heavily-Played: Depends on card. Noticeable bowing, black-marks or excessive edge damage or specking all factor in. Cards that have spent all their time sleeved within my EDH deck(s) will be listed as Good, even if they're in Near-Mint condition, just because they've seen play.

Poor: Card is either stamped, or is straight-up quite old and well worn. Please ask for photos if I haven't posted any up to confirm condition if OK for you.

Open to trading/selling worldwide as I've done it before on other forums and Ebay. Will send first, however I'm sticking to lower value trades for now to build up my feedback since I'm new to this. Cards will be sent out in toploader(s) either via air mail or parcel depending on volume and value.
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