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Justin Sliekers (16920265)
United States - Iowa - Ankeny
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I've been playing magic for ~18 years and I've amassed a lot of cardboard in that time. In recent years I've gone from running (as a TO) FNM events to pretty casual EDH play with some friends of mine, to slowly getting back into draft.

I enjoy trading quite a bit, and I'm pretty easy going about it with a couple caveats:
- I don't care for foreign cards
- Most of my want list will be for EDH and not very pressing, so I'm okay slow-rolling it
- I'm usually cool giving up some extra value for cards I can't find anywhere else.

I have been collecting original printings of every dragon in the game. I'm currently only missing alpha/beta versions of Shivan Dragon and Dragon Whelp, Dragonlord Ojutai, and the notorious Zodiac Dragon.

I also collect original (Melissa Benson art) Shivan Dragons. I'm up to 27, ranging from unlimited to 5th edition. If you have any lying around, you'd make me quite happy if you tossed some into any random trades!
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