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Matt Resnick (3419591)
United States - New York - Brooklyn
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Hi! thanks for stopping by. I'm an easy-going dude building a cube and loving Magic.

Please don't offer me non-reserved list cards for my reserved list cards. We all know what's happening right now to the Magic market.

As a general rule, I will accept the foil versions of the cards but I AM looking for the oldest version of the card, so please keep this in mind and do not offer promos or newer versions.

I'm not interested in trades for less than $10 in value.

I am open to any trade, but also generally hold things like fetches, shocks, and ABUs for trades that have similar intangible value. It's also more likely that I'll trade my bigger items for your bigger items, although if you feel like trading up and have a large number of my cube-wants, I'm open to that trade if its significantly (20%+) in my favor.

If you have less than 10 trades or less than 100% approval, I'll expect you to send first.

My duals are listed specifically to trade for Volcanic Islands and a City of Traitors. Please don't propose a trade for those unless you have 'em.
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