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VexingDevil (504067555)
United States - Minnesota - Chaska
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Anything with a want QTY over 100 are my biggest needs. (101 = 1, 102 = 2, etc..) This helps keep them separate from lesser needs.

I will do bulk trades, but will take longer to pull all of the cards (depending on the number of cards involved) while I organize all of my cards.

If you have less than 10 references i'll usually ask that you send first.

If condition is important to you please allow me to confirm the cards either prior to approving a trade or prior to sending the cards. A lot of the revised , 4th, 5th edition cards could be more played than it shows on the trade list.

I may have multiple trade offers at once for the same cards. Which means I may accept the other offer and the cards you are looking for are gone, or I may not need the cards any longer and will have to cancel the trade.  I am trying to get the cards I need for specific decks and would rather not wait for days to see if you accept my trade. Wheel and deal!

I would rather not break up playsets if its avoidable.

Please know i am not interested in trading down 10 to 1 for a card of mine. Id like to keep the card count as even as possible give or take.

I have over 1300 cards on my want list. If you are interested in trading, it would be easiest to add the cards to your side of the trade that you are seeking out and I can take a look at your tradelist and add cards that I am most interested in, or in need of.

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