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Stijn De Belder (676681572)
Belgium - Antwerpen - Lierre
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All cards to be send are put per 3 into a penny sleeve and in between cardboard. If the total order is less than €5 ($6-7) they might be put into penny sleeves and top loaders per 4.
Due to weight limitations I can put only 9 cards in an enveloppe this way .

There is no tracking code in a normal shipment. The cheapest way for me to provide one is to make a singed sending and which adds an additional fee of € 5,13.
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Goblin Guide
1 $39.53Add to Cart
Hell's Caretaker
2 $29.99Add to Cart
Death Baron
1 $20.66Add to Cart
Idyllic Tutor
1 $20.28Add to Cart
Boseiju, Who Shelters All
1 $16.82Add to Cart
Grave Pact
1 $16.42Add to Cart
Search for Azcanta
1 $16.34Add to Cart
Darkslick Shores
1 $15.94Add to Cart
Dragon Broodmother
1 $14.37Add to Cart
Worldly Tutor
1 $14.03Add to Cart
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