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Jordan Pectyo (702341227)
United States - Arkansas - Bentonville
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NOTICE: I am currently staying in a new location for the summer, meaning my shipping and communication may be sporadic. So if you propose something and I don't respond immediately that is why. Please take no offense, I just don't have as much time to monitor the site.

Hello there, I am glad you decided to stop by. My names Jordan and I love to trade and collect. If you look at my wishlist I have my major wants and needs for decks and some ongoing collections. Though that is not all I will trade for, if you see something you like just send me a trade invite and let me know. I am not only looking for value you at all times, Please just don't propose a trade for 10 dollars cards for 1 10 dollar card.

If you see it on my list for trade it's for sale just let me know an offer and we can see what we can work out.

If I have multiple trades open, which tends to happen when the trade thread opens on Reddit, please understand that the person who finishes first will get the cards. I will inform you if the cards are involved in multiples trades to keep things clear.

As well, if you see something on my wishlist you have but don't seem to find anything you want let me know. I have other cards in decks that aren't listed. Typically this only accounts for higher priced items.

I can provide photographs of any cards that are not mint or near mint in my collection to give you an idea what you are dealing with.
I am glad to try and work a deal out, so let's trade! :)

Currently collecting
Simic foils and I will have an updated list of what I am looking for in my wishlist.
Unglued lands, any condition.
Zameck Guildmage Promo.
German and French foils. Depends on  the card, but offer it up and we might be able to work something out.
Random forms of storm crow can be thrown in to even trades.
Shipping methods will be determined during the trade.

. Please only trade if we can get something above 10$.
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