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Tapped Out Magic (775413972)
Certified Store
United States - Texas - Dallas
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We are Tapped Out Magic - follow us @ https://www.facebook.com/TappedOutMagic/

We are the Deckbox Store front for Tapped Out Magic.

Located in Rockwall, TX - our office hours are:
M:F 10-6pm CST
S,S 12-6pm CST

If you have any order questions, buylist inquiries or cards you wish to sell - please contact us @  (469) 730-6222. We will respond during normal office hours.

We accept ANY cards for trade in. Don't want them anymore? WE DO! Submit a trade of the cards you have. Our buy list changes often, and is first come, first served. We will respond with what we can offer, per card. Keep in mind, we are a store.

ALL CUSTOMERS RECEIVE A 25% TRADE IN BONUS when exchanging cards for new cards.

A few requests:
- When submitting a trade - list what cards you are wanting to know what our buy list amount is. We will list those for you, give you a total, add 25% if it's a trade in and you can shop with your store credit for anything you would like.

- If you open a trade with us, please say something. It helps us to know you are active.

- Foreign cards depends HEAVILY on what the card is. Most times we cannot offer more than it's English counterpart, if we are accepting it.

- Condition matters and will affect any buylist price we can offer

- Please keep trade offers above $25, but we understand if this is not possible.

- All cards are sent in top loaders. Please do the same or appropriately protect your cards. Stiffer = Better

- Please keep us informed on any delays on shipping

- We are not responsible for damage or delivery delays from the post office. Our reputation is far more important than scamming you, please keep this in mind.

Need a question answered faster? Find us on Facebook, message us, or call us during office hours!

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Grim Flayer
1 $15.75Add to Cart
Puresteel Paladin
3 $10.00Add to Cart
Verdurous Gearhulk
7 $9.75Add to Cart
Relentless Dead
8 $9.50Add to Cart
Archangel Avacyn
7 $9.50Add to Cart
Puresteel Paladin
2 $9.25Add to Cart
Darkslick Shores
2 $9.25Add to Cart
Gilded Lotus
1 $9.00Add to Cart
Collective Brutality
6 $8.75Add to Cart
2 $8.25Add to Cart
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