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Hey everyone!

My name is Alex and I am selling my long-time collection of Magic: The Gathering.

If you are planning on making purchases larger than 100$, please pay for the tracking option as there is also liability insurance included.

If you are interested in bulk purchase, please open a negotiation and I will gladly reduce the price.

I always take good care when shipping. Cards over 10$ are put into clear hard toploaders and are penny sleeved. Cards between 1-10 are put into thick ultrapro playing sleeves, and cards under will be multiple to a sleeve.

I ship in PWE with hard toploaders and everyone who has received my orders has been happy with the shipping!

Sometimes Deckbox does not properly track spikes in card values, so I reserve the right to cancel an order (or partially refund) for cards that have more than *doubled* in value. I will not cancel for day-to-day fluctuations.

I also reserve to right to cancel orders for very small amounts of cards, or very low value. Please make order at least 10$ before shipping.

I am open to trades but I will accept mostly only trades where I am giving away lower values cards (5 and less) and receiving fewer, higher value cards (10 and over). Feel free to propose what you would like!

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