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I've been playing Magic, more or less, since the last Ice Age (as in 1995). With a hiatus after Plane Shift (Feb. 2001), as I had no-one to continue playing games with.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your financial outlook), a work buddy got me back into it around the time of Scourge (May 2003) and I haven't stopped since.

I had become increasingly disinterested with conventional '64' constructed magic by around the start of 2011. Now I almost exclusively play Commander/ EDH for the sheer fun and variety of it. But sometimes, you can't resist building a classic 64 decklist that piques your interest.

However, I still really enjoy drafting magic. I have assembled my own pauper cube of MtG history, which allows me to continue drafting with ease (this cubelist is available in my deckfolders).
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