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Anthony V (AceOfFades)
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United States - California - Santa Clarita
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04-Jul-2020 16:42
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United States, Canada
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I'm on a fool's errand to own one of [almost] everything.  Every trade or purchase you make gets me one step closer to my pipe dream (so help me out!).
  For the time being, I've decided to focus my wishlist on Unlimited through Urza's Saga (pre-foil sets), and foil needs up through Scourge.  I'm willing to trade for other needs, I just don't have them listed, they just won't show on my wishlist.

I'm super late to the party at Deckbox, but am looking forward to trading with you folks.  I'm coming back from a 15 year hiatus from Magic, but I've been around collectible cards my entire life.

For Sales:
Consider most cards OBO.  I'm in no rush to sell, so I won't go lower than TCGplayer prices.. but I might match.

For Trades:
I spend a lot of time keeping my tradelist and wishlist accurate.  Please make sure the set, version, condition of the card you're sending matches, and I'll do the same.
Like most people, I'm not necessarily trading down unless you give me a good reason to.  The trades I send will be sensitive to this too.
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Rankle, Master of Pranks
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Demonic Tutor
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Angel's Grace
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Blood Moon
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Demonic Consultation
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Crooked Scales
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Mystic Remora
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Pteron Ghost
6 $6.00Add to Cart
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