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Australia - Victoria - Melbourne
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> If one of your cards isn't NM and the condition isn't specified, please let me know before proposing or accepting a trade!
> Likewise to the above, if something of mine isn't NM I'll try to let you know. You can also ask me for pictures.
> If you want something you see on my tradelist, start a trade even if you have nothing I want! I'll try to come up with something.
> Usually fine with trading internationally as long as the value is over about $15 or I just really need the cards.
> Assume I'm happy to trade anything not in one of my decks. I try to keep my tradelist updated with everything $1+.
I also have for trade:
> 2 Simic PAX guild pins
> Boros PAX guild pin
> Selesnya PAX guild pin
> Simic prerelease guild pin
> Boros prerelease guild pin
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