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United States - Virginia - Herndon
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13-Aug-2020 00:04
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Looking to trade for sealed Secret Lairs (any kind)

Right now I'm only looking to trade if the value is 30% in my favor, though I'll make exceptions to this depending on what you want and what you're offering. Also, I prefer larger trades to smaller ones. I'm fine trading for most things, so send me an offer and we can go from there.

All cards are for sale, and I can try to be flexible with prices. If you are interested in something not listed, please message me and we can make it work. Limit of 4 on any card. If condition is unmarked, check with me before placing the order.

(3/2/2020) I reserve the right to cancel orders for cards that are currently spiking. If that is the case, I ask that you please don't leave negative feedback. No reason to hurt my ability to sell cards because I wouldn't let you take advantage of price spike.

Also interested in graded cards, misprints, foil Helvault promo, PTQ pins, and anything else Magic related.

Will also trade for the following (In case you want to clean out your binder and get some playables):
Spindowns @$0.50
Foil rares@$0.30
Foil Mythics@0.50
Foil Commons and Uncommons@$0.05
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2 $9,999.00Add to Cart
Grapeshot Catapult
1 $9,999.00Add to Cart
Orcish Mechanics
1 $9,999.00Add to Cart
Clay Statue
1 $9,999.00Add to Cart
Battering Ram
1 $9,999.00Add to Cart
Yotian Soldier
3 $9,999.00Add to Cart
Staff of Zegon
1 $9,999.00Add to Cart
Mishra's Factory
4 $9,999.00Add to Cart
War Mammoth
2 $9,999.00Add to Cart
Reverse Polarity
2 $9,999.00Add to Cart
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