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PLEASE DO NOT use certified mail unless the trade is over 100 dollars, as I am NEVER home in time to receive it, it always adds another day to the trade and a trip to a VERY annoying post office.

If you want to trade me Reserved List cards, I'm happy to trade for them. If you are proposing the trade, unless the cards are highly sought after I am not inclined to give a premium for cards like "Citanul Centaurs" or "Trailblazer."

I don't mind sending to Canada, but lets make it worth it for the both of us and keep the value at least at $20, thanks!

Sure! I am fine with a PWE, everyone seems to ask that. Yup, totally fine, as long as you are fine with me holding you responsible for the failure of cards to arrive or arrive in the condition described.


Largest Trade to Date: $826

If your feedback is below 10 I will politely ask you to send first.

Good Hunting,
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