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17 December 2019: Still working on inventorying everything.  I'll be done with this one of these years.

Started around Mirage, got out of Magic around Shadowmoor block, got back in for Innistrad.  Unfortunately there usually aren't too many things I'm definitely looking for, so my Wishlist tends to be pretty small.  (Except for Infernal Spawn of Evils and Auriok Transfixers)  However, PLEASE pay attention to the set and language.  If I have those specified, that's exactly the version I want - I'm often trading to complete sets.

If the trade value gets around $25 or higher (or if you ask) I will definitely use Tracking, and would like you to do the same.  Also, please do double check if language matters to you.  I have a random assortment of Chinese/Japanese/Russian/Korean cards.

I've had nothing but good experiences so far here, hopefully we can keep it that way!
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