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In addition to trading I am a seller on Deckbox. Despite having little or nothing listed for sale, I will sell anything on my tradelist. Typically I will sell for about 20% under the current average price.

One of the reasons that I have nothing listed is that I found I was mainly selling cards that had just jumped in price due to being included in some new deck and my price was now way below what the card was selling for elsewhere. In addition people were either not reading or ignoring my "rules" below which was causing me grief.

So now, if you are interested in buying, let me know what you are interested in and we can negotiate a price.

A Couple of Rules:
1.  I am currently only shipping to Canada and the United States.
2.  Please contact me before paying for an order. I want to make sure of card conditions before you pay. Since I entered many of my cards at the same time, I was not able to take a close look at each one. Some do not have the correct condition. Some have no condition listed at all as conditions were not supported on DB when I started using it. On rare occasions I may not be able to find a card listed. As I mentioned I have been using Deckbox for a long time.
3.  If there is a problem with a transaction, let me know and I will do my best to fix the situation.
4.  I accept verified Paypal accounts.
5.  For orders over $50 I ship registered mail with Canada Post in bubble mailers with cards in sleeves and in between cardboard or top loaders. This includes tracking numbers and limited insurance. For these orders I will request an additional $7 for Canada and $9 to the US. Orders less than 50 dollars will be shipped in plain white envelopes without tracking number.
6. For very Large orders we can discuss shipping options.
7.  I will ship to Deckbox confirmed address.
8.  Please allow up to 72 hours for me to respond, although I am usually pretty quick.
9. I have a few foreign language cards. I am pretty sure the language is correct for them, but if it is important to you I will confirm the language before shipping.
10. I am okay with local pickup (Ottawa).
11. Minimum purchase of $10 please.

I typically send in standard envelopes with top loaders and no tracking unless it is a very high value trade.

Please only propose a trade if you can find items on my Wishlist.
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