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**** If worried about condition, please ask about any cards listed below mint/near mint. Usually won't be too bad, but I like to be up front about it to make sure everything is kosher and negotiate price adjustments if need be.

I'm very new to deckbox trading, but have carried out multiple trades through the gatheringmagic.com forums online and am listed under their trusted trader's section (same username - Arsonist).

About my Tradelist-
If you have any questions about editions of cards that I have multiples of, please let me know as well.  Several of them span a few collections.

Speaking of which, most of my pieces are from Zendikar through current, so that may tell you what edition you're looking at anyway.

Additionally, please use Tradelist only when attempting to set up a trade.  The remainder of what's listed is for organizational purposes only and are usually not for trade.

Finally I carry an amount of items that aren't neccesarily legal in all formats, or are otherwise novelties (Promo Archenemy Schemes, Promo Oversized Cards). Those are listed... right here (prices TCG player as of this writing, let me know if I need to update)
- Imprison This Insolent Wretch (2.19)
- Plots that Span Centuries (8.54)
- Your Inescapable Doom (2.01)
- Perhaps You've Met My Cohort (2.55)

- Hero of Bladehold (Oversized Player Reward, Starcity Price 3.99)

- Full set of Boros Goodies from Gatecrash pre-release. Includes (1) Boros Sticker, (1) Boros Legion Insert, (1) Boros Legion Checklist for event, Box not included, price negotiable

Guide to My Wants List-
For the most part, are as listed. Usually only interested in single copies of cards as I primarily play EDH.  If I get multiples of anything, usually it will be multicolored lands.

Aaand sweet lord, we're finally done. Tradelist is up and running. Shoot me a message any time.
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