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Art Gonzalez (Artgonz138)
United States - California - Oceanside
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Looking to edition swap my older versions of cards into newer master set reprints. If the value of newer cards is greater than old I can make up the difference in cards or cash.

1x Liliana of the Veil - ISD for MM3
3x Cryptic Command - MM2 for IMA
1x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben -DKA for A25
4x Thoughtseize - THS for IMA
2x Abrupt Decay - RTR for MM3
2x Entreat the Angels - AVR for MM3
2x Terminus - AVR for MM3
1x Cavern of Souls - AVR for MM3
3x Griselbrand - AVR for MM3
4x Pact of Negation - FUT for A25
4x Rest in Peace - RTR for A25
3x Pernicious Deed - CON for A25
4x Doomsday - WTH for A25
4x Restoration Angel - AVR for IMA
3x Knight of the Reliquary - MMA for IMA
4x Aether Vial - DST for IMA
4x Past in Flames - ISD for MM3
3x Stony Silence - ISD for MM3
1x Olivia Voldaren - ISD for MM3
1x Grafdigger's Cage - DKA for MM3
4x Wasteland - TE for EMA
3x Wurmcoil Engine - SOM for C14
1x Kor Spiritdancer - ROE for BBD
2x True-Name Nemesis - C13 for BBD
4x Goblin Guide - ZEN for MM3
4x Eidolon of the Great Revel - JOU for A25
4x Omniscience - M13 for M19
4x Scapeshift - MOR for M19

A note on shipping: If you have less than fifteen confirmed trades, I will kindly ask that you send first.
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