Robert Davis (ArtosKincaid)
United States - New York - Rochester
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21-Mar-2021 23:55
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Rochester NY MTG
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Now trading through Deckbox as well as PucaTrade.  I don't update my wishlist until I receive the cards on PucaTrade, so some of my wants might be out of date.

All trade offers should be at least $25.
All trades will get a bubble mailer and delivery confirmation tracking since there's no way for me to get compensation otherwise.
Things to know before making an offer:
- I'll look at any trade offer that meets the above criteria, so don't be afraid to ask, but use my trade list. 
- Please note that I'm not a fan of trading older cards with permanent value for things that have decided to skyrocket for Standard. 
- I'm not particularly interested in cards that aren't on my wishlist, either. 
- I'm not trading cards out of my inventory. 
- Please at least say hi in the comments and let me know how flexible you are with the offer.
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