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Andy Yuen (Asuran)
Canada - Ontario - Toronto
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Will always trade for EDH/legacy staples!

If you want anything but see that you don't have anything I want, just ask. I'll always try and make it work out for everyone.

I use the following grading system and website for my cards...

Near Mint
Slightly Played
Moderately Played
Heavily Played

I only indicate cards that are damaged (not NM).

I use Starcity prices for foils if a price can't be found on TCGplayer

When mailing, I always use sleeves and toploaders. The value or amount of cards I'm sending will determine on whether i use a plain envelope or a bubble mailer.

Regular mail is used unless the trade is of bigger value. Then I'll use registered mail where there is a tracking number. If you want me to use registered mail, then I'll expect you to do the same. Keep in mind of the cost though because there is no sense in spending more for shipping than what the cards are worth.

I like my cards to be English, non-foil. I don't care about editions or border color (unless stated).

If you have a rating of 10 or less or have any negative feedback, I'd ask that you send first.

Always looking for the following basic lands from

Mountain #278 (Core Set 2019, Jonas De Ro)
Mountain #262 (Dominaria, Jonas De Ro)
Mountain #260 (Kaladesh, Eytan Zana)
Mountain #265 (Magic Origins, Noah Bradley)
Mountain #261 (Dragons of Tarkir, Titus Lunter)
Mountain #243 (Shards of Alara, Aleksi Briclot)
Mountain #296 (Shadowmoor, rk post)
Mountain #295 (Lorwyn, Martina Pilcerova)
Mountain #378 (10th Edition, John Avon)

Forest #279 (Ixalan, Min Yum)
Forest #248 (Theros, Adam Paquette)
Forest #246 (Shards of Alara, Aleksi Briclot)
Forest #248 (Shards of Alara, Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai)

Island #266 (Core Set 2019, Chippy)
Island #267 (Ixalan, Min Yum)
Island #192 (Hour of Devastation, Lucas Graciano)
Island #260 (Amonkhet, Mark Poole)
Island #288 (Shadows over Innistrad, Andreas Rocha)
Island #259 (Magic Origins, Richard Wright)
Island #179 (Fate Reforged, Titus Lunter)
Island #256 (Khans of Tarkir, Titus Lunter)
Island #255 (Magic 2015 Core Set, Florian de Gesincourt)
Island #289 (Lorwyn, Rob Alexander)
Island #289 (Time Spiral, Richard Wright)
Island #all (Champions of Kamigawa)

Plains #261 (Core Set 2019, John Avon)
Plains #252 (Dominaria, Dimitar Marinski)
Plains #233 (Magic 2013, Charles Urbach)
Plains #231 (Magic 2011, John Avon)
Plains #233 (Shards of Alara, Chippy)
Plains #366 (Tenth Edition, Greg Staples)
Plains #290 (Mirrodin, John Avon)

Swamp #258 (Dominaria, Jonas De Ro)
Swamp #270 (Ixalan, Raoul Vitale)
Swamp #271 (Ixalan, Min Yum)
Swamp #256 (Kaladesh, James Patrick)
Swamp #264 (Magic Origins, Jung Park)
Swamp #238 (Magic 2011, John Avon)
Swamp #238 (Shards of Alara, Chippy)
Swamp #290 (Lorwyn, Fred Fields)
Swamp #293 (Lorwyn, Steve Prescott)

The numbers and sets are just for picture clarification. It doesn't matter which set the land is from as long as it's the right picture.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy trading!!!
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