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Auspician and Squeeky (AuspSqueeky)
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United States - Idaho - Boise
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We are a husband and wife team of Magic collectors who have been playing on and off since 4th edition.


Card condition is important to us, so we always verify that the condition listed for a card is what you will receive before confirming a trade. We use the Deckbox card condition guidelines found at and expect our trading partners to do the same. By proposing or confirming a trade with us, you agree to verify that you have accurately described the condition of your cards per the Deckbox card condition guide listed above prior to finalizing a trade. If cards are not received in the listed condition we reserve the option of either sending them back to you at your expense or requesting additional cards equal to 25% of the value of the card for every condition it falls below what was claimed. In either case, you agree not to leave less than positive feedback because of the consequences of failing to properly list the condition of your cards. Of course, this also means that when we say NM, you'll always get NM, so trade with confidence.

We are currently interested in fancy creature tokens (altered art, custom tokens, etc) of the following list:

2/2 Black Zombie x2
4/4 White Angel Flying
1/1 Colorless Spirit x3
1/1 Red Goblin
0/1 Green Plant
1/1 White/Black Human Cleric x3
1/1 Black Vampire Lifelink x2
4/4 Colorless Avatar Legend named Kaldra
1/1 Black Faerie Rogue
3/3 Green Frog Lizard
1/1 White Spirit Flying
1/1 White Soldier
4/4 White Angel Flying Vigilance x2
1/1 White/Blue Bird Flying
4/4 White Angel
1/1 Green Saproling
3/3 Green Beast x2
6/6 Green Wyrm
1/1 Black Assassin
2/1 White Cleric Enchantment
3/3 Colorless Golem
2/2 Black Vampire Flying
1/1 Colorless Sliver
1/1 Colorless Artifact Thopter Flying
1/1 Colorless Artifact Servo
1/1 Red/Green Dragon Flying Devour 2
2/2 Red Dragon Flying R:+1/0
5/5 Red Dragon Flying

We ship trades in a small fitted bubble envelope with a toploader. All particularly valuable cards will receive additional protection. We always ship with tracking to help prevent cards going missing, so please try to get your trade proposal to at least the ~$30 range or it is not likely to be seriously considered. Trades under $20 will simply be cancelled without comment, so if you're building something bigger just let us know in the chat.

We're happy to simultaneously ship any trade with someone over 25 reps at 100%. If you're not at 25 reps or 100%, we will request that you send first.

Thanks for reading all of that, checking out our deckbox page and contributing to the best game of all time!

~ Ausp and Squeeks

Factory sealed Battle for Zendikar Fat Packs x3

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