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07-Aug-2022 23:27
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Hi All,
- We are a B&M Store in Quebec, Canada (bestmtg.com and maitredejeu.com). You can verify us with Wizards Store Locator.
- We use Med TCG (mtggoldfish) for trade value.
- Do not hesitate to made an offer. We trade almost any cards from our tradelist for any of our wish at the same value.
- Want to trade some Foreign for English NM Modern and EDH Staples.
- Most of the time, we can take reprint of most of our want.
- Ask if you want something, we can check your list.

Have a nice day!
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Gwendlyn Di Corci
4 $500.00Add to Cart
Gwendlyn Di Corci
1 $475.01Add to Cart
Steam Vents
1 $365.65Add to Cart
Sliver Queen
1 $338.85Add to Cart
Kor Haven
1 $295.95Add to Cart
Adun Oakenshield
4 $279.92Add to Cart
Tetsuo Umezawa
1 $247.50Add to Cart
Tetsuo Umezawa
1 $235.13Add to Cart
Tetsuo Umezawa
1 $210.37Add to Cart
Field of Dreams
3 $202.49Add to Cart
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