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Getting back into Deckbox. Looking to do a lot of trading!

I am absolutely willing to trade high end/staples down into smaller stuff, though preferably at a premium. Feel free to make offers on cards you want, and I will most likely accept it with minimal need to tweak!

I will often be adding staple Modern/Legacy/Foil type cards to my haves, and adding a large variety of EDH/casual type cards to my wants!
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1 $114.48Add to Cart
Doubling Season
1 $88.61Add to Cart
Vampiric Tutor
4 $72.09Add to Cart
Force of Will
2 $71.99Add to Cart
Horizon Canopy
1 $64.96Add to Cart
Serra's Sanctum
4 $59.46Add to Cart
Snow Mercy
1 $59.46Add to Cart
Overwhelming Forces
1 $57.56Add to Cart
Leovold, Emissary of Trest
1 $53.41Add to Cart
Sliver Legion
1 $39.33Add to Cart
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