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Arid Mesa
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Maxwell Jergerian (Boat)
United States - Minnesota - Rosemount
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User Bio
I'm a college student that also works at the store Legacy Games, the local game store in Rosemount, Minnesota.

Note to those of you that I trade with: I will trade anywhere in the US, but if you live in Canada, I may not be willing to pay for tracking or a bubble mailer. Nothing against you personally, it's just a hassle.

If you don't respond to a trade, I will probably just cancel. You should have the courtesy to respond to an offer that someone sends you. 

My policy on tracking is as follows:
$1-$50: Normal envelope with a toploader and penny sleeve.
$51+: Bubble mailer with tracking.
On request: Bubble mailer with tracking and insurance.

Biggest trade thus far: $220
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Anguished Unmaking
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2 $94.99Add to Cart
1 $84.99Add to Cart
Voice of Resurgence
1 $74.99Add to Cart
Crucible of Worlds
1 $64.99Add to Cart
Engineered Explosives
2 $59.99Add to Cart
Engineered Explosives
2 $59.99Add to Cart
Scalding Tarn
3 $53.99Add to Cart
Goblin Guide
2 $49.99Add to Cart
Snapcaster Mage
2 $44.99Add to Cart
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