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05-Jul-2022 02:01
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On only my third trade on this site a guy with 80+ positive feedback stole cards from me, so I don't care how much feedback you have, I'm not sending first anymore. I understand if this is a deal breaker, but I have to protect myself.
I will always add tracking to trades over $20 and ask you do the same.
Canada: I don't have a problem trading with America's hat, but unless I approach you or it isn't our first trade I have to ask that you send first and I will send once I receive the cards (lack of tracking)

Also, I do a large amount of trading at my lgs so my inventory is sometimes a card or two off, I'll do my best to keep it up to date.

On a lighter note I have some sealed product for trade as well.
1 FTV 20
1 FTV Angels
6 Zendikar booster packs
Dual Decks:
2 Sorin vs Tibalt
1 Elspeth vs Tezzeret
1 Phyrexia vs the Coalition
Commander 2013:
2 Mind Seize
1 Eternal Bargain
1 Evasive Maneuvers
1 Avacyn Restored booster box
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