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Portugal - Lisboa - Lisbon
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30-Jan-2023 22:56
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Card collector since 1994, i´m based Lisbon Portugal, i will trade and sell worldwide to complete my and yours collections!!!

A Mint card is only true inside a package!! So must of my NM are in fact Mint cards never played, i will send photos upon request.

My goal is to collect all singles of each sets, including tokens and basic lands. All my duplicates are for trade or sell.

I try to collect M/NM cards also interested in foil versions if you see something in my tradelist don´t be shy!!!
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Shield of Kaldra
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Stone-Tongue Basilisk
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Zombie Master
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Feral Shadow
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Mishra's Factory
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Tempting Wurm
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2 $3.03Add to Cart
Scryb Sprites
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Storm Crow
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Otherworldly Gaze
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