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United States - Tennessee - Murfreesboro
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Heya! I'm a pretty new player looking to build a collection that I can really use. As such I am willing to trade 1 expensive card for many little ones on my trade list, also the reverse is true if you wish.
I trade at Avg price.
As for the lands I am looking for, they are partially for getting closer to the wanted amount, I would prefer for numbers more than 5, 1 of each type if possible. Trades of nothing but lands are fine, so long as they are on my wishlist.
About 99% of the things on my trade list are absolutely for trade. I am willing to sell the cards, but not buy.
NOTE - If there is a card on my wishlist and in one of my decks, that means the deck is not complete, I'm not willing to trade cards that are already in decks, I'm sorry if this causes any confusion.
Please try to keep trades within 5% of each other.
I live right next to a post office so I can send out stuff very quickly

Happy Trading!
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