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Dave Payment (DavePayment)
Premium User
Canada - Quebec - Montreal
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08-Dec-2023 05:08
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United States, Canada, International, European Union
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MTG Market
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Welcome to my online personal collection.  Please start a conversation before purchasing. I'll be glad to send you picture of any card requested before you purchase. No refund or retunr will be accepted for condition disparities

I reserve the right to cancel any order if a spike price happen. Price might be reconfirm before purchase. I'm not a store and don't have enough time to follow in detail price update. Feel free to ask if you notice a price disparity with a online store that sell the card for cheaper and have it in stock.

Minimum trade/purchase value of 20$ please. Tracking mandatory over 100$ or outside Canada. Under this, regular shipping is suggested, we could discuss about option if you want tracked under 100$.

Reserve list cards are only to trade if you could offer foreign black border  mint french taiga, bayou, vesuvan doppleganger, mana vault or serendib effreet and other reserve list cards in english and foil if they existing or regular if they don’t.

Mint = Card in perfect condition. Graded over 8.5+ by professional grader
NM = Card might have few small white mark around the edge or/and scratch on surface
LP = Card have 3-5 scratch, white mark on surface.
MP = Card have many scratch on surface, white mark all around one side
HP = Card have multiple white mark on all edge, multiple scratch or erase partially
Poor = Inked card, water damage, tear cards, bended card or damaged cards

Shipping is at buyer risk if not insured. Please make sur you select an insured shipping option. If no option is available or need a special shipping option, don’t hesitate to ask and i’ll investigate on the cost. Shipping from Canada is not cheap and I don’t co trol this expense. All card are ship within toploader or hardcase inside a bubble envellope I ship card once per week and will inform you when it’s sent. I’ll provide tracking i fo if there is any.

Je parle français aussi.
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Birds of Paradise
1 $3,500.00Add to Cart
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer
1 $2,900.00Add to Cart
Shivan Dragon
1 $2,300.00Add to Cart
Shivan Dragon
1 $900.00Add to Cart
Sol Ring
1 $850.26Add to Cart
Mana Crypt
1 $796.04Add to Cart
Underground River
1 $748.80Add to Cart
Serra Angel
1 $561.25Add to Cart
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1 $500.00Add to Cart
Jace Beleren
1 $450.00Add to Cart
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