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*** At this point all trades must include tracking; I will decline any proposals where the value does not justify the shipping.

Played a lot from 95-00 and 09-13. Now just casually playing with the occasional draft or prerelease.

A couple of notes...so please read

1) Communication: I'm a fan of discussing trades. I will try to respond as quickly as possibly and if there are any delays, I will let you know. Also, please don't just open a trade without any dialog or just saying "interested." I will cancel the trade if you do this.

2) Wantlist: I've added a ton of foils to my list to bling out EDH decks. Not all of them are high priorities. Please note that just because a standard/newer on my wishlist, doesn't mean I will necessarily trade legacy/modern staples for it.

3) Conditions/Editions:
3a) "Mint" cards don't exist. There is a chance a NM card I'm trading may have a small spot/scratch. Many newer foils come out of the pack with scratches.
3b) Make sure you have the correct card with an accurate grade BEFORE proposing/accepting a trade. A card with whitening is NOT NM and would be "Played" at best. I've too often received NM cards with excessive smudges/spots/scratches where these should have been listed as LP (a NM card can have some very very minor wear from handling as specified above)

4) Pricing: I like even trades using Deckbox pricing. No need for any trade to require a premium for one person over another or to shop around sites for pricing (unless Deckbox is obviously incorrect as with FBB). I do spot check prices on TCG to make sure there hasn’t been a recent spike/crash to help both parties. I do this because I once got fleeced by someone taking advantage of an incorrect deckbox price and I learned my lesson. The exception to this is....

5) Reserved List Cards: I have a lot and won't trade them for standard cards. These I will be very picky when trading and will want a deal very much in my favor. The same would be true in the inverse (if I'm trading into RL cards).

6) Shipping: I like to use tracking on trades due to the unreliability of the USPS, especially after the Trump fiasco last summer. This means I'd prefer trades that are $15+ as it will cost me around $3 (price just went up) to ship. I will typically ship within two business days of trade confirmation (usually the next day) and would like if you can do the same. Please do not wait a full week to ship without letting me know, that's really not cool.

I also want signed cards from any set Revised through Weatherlight for my complete sets and can trade back a non-signed version.
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