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United States - Minnesota - Minneapolis
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18-Jun-2024 18:52
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Reddit MTG Trades, DC Metro Area MTG, MTG Market, Minnesota Traders
This user has set their status to on vacation. You can not trade or buy cards from them until they come back. Feel free to check out their bio or send them an email to ask for details.
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Preferences -
Not really interested in trading one card for a lot of little things.
I don't play standard, so i'm less interested in trading for standard cards.
Foils don't mean much to me unless they're on my wishlist - and even then, they're just "nice to have" for the Pauper Cube.

Interested in trading the Inkmoths as a bundle, not individually.

I have a lot of cards in my inventory that I would be willing to sell.  That includes more than a playset of duals (inc. Beta Tropical Island, some unlimited, mostly revised), mox emerald, ancestral recall, mishra's workshop, candleabra of tawnos, library of alexandria, invoke prejudice, various alpha/beta awesomeness (beta sol ring, alpha sinkholes, alpha dark rituals) please contact me if you're interested.

Most of my cards are NM/better. I haven't recorded all of the conditions here, but if you're interested in something, just ask.
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