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priority : Core sets
Doing one trade at times, don't wanna rush anything and got my times full at home. Sorry if it take some time to look and accept trade. Please write a message so i can see in which order its enter

Got i ton of cards in my wishlist, take not that i'm not interrested by standard card even if they are on my wishlist, so let me choose for trade

My goal is to collect 1 of each cards in english. So edition is really important to me, more than condition (no foreign of mystery/the list card).

Little or big i will do any trade, in fact a prefer trading then buying card at store.

I may have done some mistakes when i graded the cards but
i will check condition before any trade an give any information, and i can send scan if needed. Just ask.
I'm not here for any trouble just for trade.

Looking for specific card to trade against lake of the dead
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