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Dru Nemo (Dnemo28)
United States - Washington
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United States, Canada
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Joint Base Lewis McChord MTG, Foil Traders, Olympia MTG Players
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About me: I am Active Duty US Army @ JBLM, WA. I frequently visit Gabi’s Olympic Cards and Comics and I play Commander every weekend. I have 20+ Commander decks and counting and I try to get every card foil or promo.

~~For Online Trading~~

SHIPPING Preferences:
Trade<$30 or Trade<8 cards=PWE
Trade>$30 or Trade >8 cards=Padded Envelope w/ Tracking
Insurance will be added as needed.


CARD CONDITIONS: I am not a professional card grader and sometimes I will mistakenly mark a LP as a NM, but if you’d like pictures of the cards to check for yourself, feel free to ask!

I have a non-foil version of every card on my wishlist that I will trade back if that interests you (They will not be in my Tradelist)

I prefer older foils and promo versions of all cards on my wishlist.

I am interested in trading for gold-bordered cards and promos but as there are so many different versions, I won’t bother putting them on my wishlist. (When people do not mark promo cards as foil it prevents matching in trades)

***I also collect EVERY COLOR MTG Spindown FROM EVERY SET. I am willing to trade additional value in cards for Dice I am missing. (Ebay is not a reliable way to price these)
I have lots of extra dice and would be willing to trade some of them away for other dice and/or cards as well.
Below are the MTG Spindowns I need:

Apocalypse: W U B R G
Odyssey: W U B R G
Torment: W U B R G
Judgement: W U B R G
Onslaught: W U B R G
Legions: W U B R G
Scourge: W U B R G
Mirrodin: W U B R G
Darksteel: W U B R G
Fifth Dawn: W U B R G
Kamigawa: W U B R G
Betrayers of Kawigama: W U B R G
Saviors of Kamigawa: W U B R G
9th Edition: W U B R G
Coldsnap: W U B G
Time Spiral: W U B R G
Planar Chaos: W U B R G
Future Sight: W U B R G
Tenth Edition: W U B R G
Lorwyn: W U B G
Morningtide: W U B R G
Shadowmoor: W U B R G
Eventide: W U B R G
Shards of Alara: W U B R
Conflux: W U B R G
Alara Reborn: Gold
M10: W U B R G
Zendikar: W U B R G
Worldwake: W U B R G
Rise of the Eldrazi: W U B R
M11: B
Scars of Mirrodin: U
Mirrodin Beseiged: B
New Phyrexia: W
M12: R
Innistrad: W U R G
Avacyn Restored: W B
M13: G
journey into Nyx: W B
Dragons Maze: Boros, Orzhov, Gruul
Guilds of Ravnica: Izzet, Golgari, Selesnya

Deckmasters: W U B R G
Beatdown(Lotus): W U B R G
FTV Exiled
FTV Dragons
FTV Relics
FTV Legends
FTV Angels
15th Anniversary
20th Anniversary
Planeswalker (Blue w/Black speckles)
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