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I'm an EDH player mainly, so I generally only have one copy of each decent card. I'm fine with making trades that put me with a net loss as long as I'm getting something I want (but of course the net loss can't be like 30%). If you have any questions let me know.

My TappedOut page is here:

All of my trades will be for decks on there.


I will almost never trade for Standard staples as the prices are too volatile and I don't play Standard. I will almost always trade for Commander staples, like Rhystic Study or BB lands. **I am also usually interested in expensive RL cards. Any card I own over $50 I will try to trade for RL.**

1) I will always send first if asked, but I prefer if we send at the same time.

2) Trades over 25 I will do with bubble mailer / tracking. I expect the same from you. Things under 25 I will pack securely in a regular envelope.

3) Blue is my least favorite color. I will not often actually want blue cards unless they are $$$, and then it's just a business transaction.

4) If you have a Cockatrice acct, I'd be happy to play sometime! I play almost every day.

5) I don't really care about trades less than $10. I'd rather just buy from TCG at that point.

6) I'm unlikely to trade lands or many 'lands-matter' cards as I like landfall, lands are always useful, and it seems Wizards hates printing good lands cards these days.
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