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I use TCGplayer.com's and Deckbox's valuation. I am typically only a collector so not commonly a seller, for which I also use TCGplayer.com's definition of cards.



1.I typically do not sell so if you have any questions about any listing please ask.  If you are purchasing cards priced over $30.00, insurance will be added to the shipping.  Tracking pretty much comes standard with all shipments.  Priority Mail shipments come with a $50 insurance already. 

2. Please open a discussion with me before submitting payment. This will give me time to confirm card conditions, and provide scans as requested.  If you don't open discussion and/or purchase cards, I will assume they are being purchased as is.  I use Deckbox and TCGplayers card conditions as my guieline for how I have my cards listed.  I understand that some people may actually have stronger guidelines, but that's where pics/scans and negotiating come in.  I am not a seller and that is why my cards are listed usually lower.  I know that sellers are looking to make money on these purchases.  So I am selling them for less for that reason and don't expect to be taken advantage of for that reason. 

3. I only ship to US addresses.

4. If there is a card you wish to purchase that is on my tradelist but not my sale list, please let me know and I will add it.

All of my cards are sleeve-playable unless they are flagged "Poor" condition.  (which I don't think I have)

Ask for pictures. I think you will find cards I have graded in the played categories to be satisfactory for your collection in most cases.

I am building my database so its constantly updating.  If you have certain cards you are looking for, please contact me.  If you see any that needs attention, please notify me and I will look into and correct if necessary.  Card prices marked as N/A are still being inputted and does not reflect a price yet.  If you see one that still has an N/A on it and want to buy one, just send me a offer and I will set it up for purchase.  If you would like me to post pics in the listing of certain cards, let me know and I will add them. 

Shipping costs with insurance is based on full amount.  If cost of shipping ends up less I will refund the difference, if its more... I eat it.
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Gate to Phyrexia
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Sadistic Hypnotist
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Steelshaper's Gift
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Price of Glory
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