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Started playing MTG in 1993. Collected for a few years during that time. Haven't played since then and am finally ready to sell the collection. I'm hoping there are people out there that are looking for some of the older stuff and are wanting to add to their own collections. Only looking to sell, not trade. All cards priced over $10 are pictured in dropbox. Link (please note some cards pictured may not be available due to having been sold already) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pbjg1dg7rpu9u6w/AAAYqj7ela0z19l2u6WQuffca?dl=0 
I am willing to negotiate some prices. DM me and ask. Been out of the game for too long to really want to get back in to it. Thanks for taking a minute to check things out. I really appreciate it. Just looking to give these cards good homes.
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Tropical Island
1 $428.81Add to Cart
2 $339.49Add to Cart
1 $309.99Add to Cart
1 $224.93Add to Cart
Wheel of Fortune
1 $197.14Add to Cart
Sorceress Queen
1 $115.63Add to Cart
Psionic Blast
1 $36.51Add to Cart
Mana Vault
2 $36.22Add to Cart
Mana Vault
2 $34.14Add to Cart
Concordant Crossroads
2 $27.08Add to Cart
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