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I tend to go more by Tcg-mid prices. Deckbox just doesn't update frequently enough to be all that reliable.

If you have less than half my feedback then I may ask you to send first. If I have fewer I have no problem sending first.

Please double check your card conditions when you propose a trade with me and let me know if they're not accurate.

I tend to mail trade <$25 in penny sleeves/toploader and pwe. >$25 go in bubbler mailers with tracking.

It's entirely possible cards may be in multiple trade offers at once. I'll do my best to keep this to a minimum, but it will be first come first serve in these events.

If you need ANY standard commons/uncommons just ask. I haven't had the time to add them all to my TL.

***Current Priorities***
Shocks & Fetches (Wooded Foothills, Godless Shrine, Temple Garden)
Oloro EDH Pieces - (Terminus)
Doran EDH Pieces - (Rune-Scarred Demon & Woodfall Primus)
Nekusar EDH Pieces - (Memory Jar)
Uril EDH Pieces - (Privileged Position)

Full Art Zendikar Lands (filler only)
*Forest #247
*Island #237
*Mountain #244
*Swamps #240

ONLY interested in Temples as filler.

I collect Jester's Cap (Ice Age version) and will always be willing to take them on as filler in deals.

*Always willing to buy most singles I need, primarily EDH cards, @TCG Low price.
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