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!?!?!?!?!- Updated for 10/10/2019-!?!?!?!

*OXOXOX* Hello again friends been on and off for a bit looking to get back into the swing of things. *OXOXOX*
So again attempting to trade up and up and see how far i can go ^.^ 2016 went from a few Scooze promos to a revised Tundra. So we will see where this takes us haha.
>>>>>Currently Adding lower value items to help close gaps and the like but nothing under $1 :)
>>>>>New to sending outside of US so may seem hesitant sry in advance but Anyways
>>>>>As Usual i will Trade Cards for Sealed Boxes, packs ..etc but for packs and the like.
_+_Note_+_ I'm not interested in Standard Sealed outside of Throne Collector Packs or Box Topper Packs._+_
That said individual packs other side sends first as for boxes if its not sealed correctly it will be sent back, pic'd, and flagged just saying >.>.
The Packs ill be going for are Modern Sets.

*OXOXOX* Old Stuff but still Applies READ PLS XD *OXOXOX*
Will send first if needed from Higher Ratings, that said i expect Lower Rating sending first but depending on situation can do same time. I always try to be easy to work with :)
>>>>>>I always send with tracking<<<<
>>>>>>Down Trading (my higher to your lower) i expect extra $
>>>>>>Up Trading Vice Versa will give over value no questions.
Open to most trades if values are close staples are welcome/standard as well.
I always try to be easy to work with :) usually if it is NM and has a good $ ill figure something out.

Will mail in PWE (envelope +hard sleeve)
Will bubble $30+ trades
Lastly if anyone wants to play MTGO im there as well PM me for tag hope to talk to you all soon :)
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