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Ian Morris (FlameBurger)
United States - Minnesota - Eagan
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15-Jul-2020 02:31
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I first started playing in Theros, where I mostly played modern. I took a break for a few years, but came back when Guilds of Ravnica released. I have really been enjoying the new sets and have gotten into drafting big time. I have begun to amass something of a collection, so I'm looking to get into trading!

I usually ship cards in penny sleeves and toploaders. I'll usually either do a PWE for lower value (sub $25 trade) or a bubble mailer with tracking for higher value trades and/or trades with a lot of cards.

I reserve the right to cancel any order of $.04 cards that DeckBox lists as N/A pricing that I missed manually updating or recently spiked cards because DeckBox's pricing system is difficult to keep current. I also reserve the right to cancel any trade until I confirm my address for that trade.

When it comes to my shocklands and fetchlands (when I have them), I am mostly looking to trade them for modern staples or other cards used in non-rotating formats. While I'm interested in picking up a few standard cards, I'd only really want to trade other standard cards for them. As for my tundra, I am mostly looking to trade it into a NM dual land or something else reserve list.

My priorities for trade fodder are: $50+ modern staples > fetchlands > horizon lands > shocklands > cheaper modern staples. I am not really looking to trade down much right now, but will at least consider any offer sent my way. I love trading in general, so feel free to make an offer!
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